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Our commitment to delivering successful results is reflected in our portfolio of over 3,000+ projects completed. We work closely with stakeholders at all levels to maintain client priorities and exceed stakeholder expectations. 


Sweet & Sour Gas Plants, Acid Gas Injection, Compressor Stations​


Heavy Oil & Conventional Oil Batteries


Full-Service Terminals, Water Disposal Facilities


Waste Heat Recovery, Carbon Capture, Hydrogen, Biomass



Greenfield and Brownfield Oil Blending Facilities & LACTs​


Oil, Gas, Produced Water, Sweet & Sour c/w Surface Facilities​


Single & Multi Wellpads


Manage & Deliver Annual MOC Programs​


We are proud of our accomplishments. With leading-edge technical expertise, our engineering and design teams are prepared for any type of EPCM challenge. From environmental and regulatory to design and procurement, we have a proven track record of delivering on-time, on-budget solutions for a growing list of leading global energy. 

Kaybob South Sour Gas Plant.jpg

Sour Gas Plant - South Kaybob Area

Ascent supported the upfront project development including but not limited to extensive process engineering & simulations work for FEED. This Greenfield sour gas plant on a brownfield location near Fox Creek involved various discipline engineering expertise which were instrumental in showcasing Ascents now recognized capabilities in gas engineering. The facility was designed to process 150 MMSCFD of sour gas, 6445 bbl/d of natural gas liquids (NGL’s) and 2515 bbl/d of produced water.

Sour Oil Battery Wembley-Pipestone Area.jpg

Sour Oil Battery - Wembley/Pipestone Area

Ascent provided development engineering support to its client and engineered a grassroots sour oil battery processing multi-phase production for a new Montney land play. The Battery is in a populated area near Grande Prairie and has a number of unique features designed to minimize emissions and ensure the health and safety of site personnel and area residents. The battery was designed to 5,000 BBL/D Condensate/Oil, 10,000 BBL/D Produced Water, 38 MMSCFD Gas Compression. 

Resthaven Sour Gas Processing Facility-B.jpg

Sour Gas Processing Facility - Resthaven Area

Brownfield project with  liquid handling, storage , and processing capability. The sour facility was also expanded to  to accommodate large slugs associated with an expanded gathering pipeline system running through mountainous terrain.  Engagement with operations from initiation to final design was instrumental in seamless delivery and commissioning of this project. Complete engineering from including FEED to final design were performed. All discipline engineering scope and in house designing was completed.

Slave Lake Area Oil Terminal and Pembina Heavy Oil LACT.jpg

Slave Lake Area Oil Terminal and Pembina Heavy Oil LACT

Greenfield heavy oil blending terminal facility receives heavy oil via pipeline and truck in and includes onsite storage, extra heavy, condensate and butane blending and sales booster pumps. Ascent was also responsible for designing a heavy oil sales LACT, sales oil pipeline, two Producer inlet pipelines and a Producer LACT as part of the overall scope. An emulsion treating process designed by Ascent is currently being added to the site. The LACT was designed to 36,000 bbl/d. Phase 2 increased this to 60,000 bbl/d with potential future expandability. Trucked-in emulsion rates of 5000 bbl/d.

Tony Creek 01.JPG

Tony Creek Water Disposal

Greenfield water disposal facility receives produced water via pipeline and truck and includes onsite storage and processing.  Water is injected into separate injection wells. The Inlet produced water rates of 9500 bbl/d.

Montney-Multi-Well Pads.jpg

Montney Multi-Well Pads

Ascent has designed greenfield well pad facilities and has been involved in brownfield expansions and MOC project work as well.  Typical gathering system expansion projects consisting of sour greenfield well pads and brownfield well additions.  Well pad design includes inlet separator packages, gas lift line heater, and high pressure/low pressure flare stacks.  Pads have on site storage for produced water which is pumped to pipeline. Design Capacities are up to 16 wells per pad.

Kaybob South Sour Gas Processing Facility.jpg

Sour Gas Processing Facility - South Kaybob Area

Greenfield compressor and gas processing facility near Fox Creek. The facility was designed to process 220 MMSCFD of sour gas, 16,000 bbl/d of natural gas liquids (NGL’s) and 13,000 bbl/d of produced water. The project was fast tracked and early collaboration with the client’s execution team was instrumental in successful completion of the project.  Complete engineering from Pre-FEED to final design, including all discipline engineering, in house design, procurement, project management and construction administration was executed for this project.

Kakwa Sour Gas Plant-B.jpg

Sour Gas Plant - Kakwa Area

Brownfield project for capacity of 60 MMSCFD. Design incorporated efficient capacity optimization through introduction of gas lift to the gathering system  and optimize performance of condensate stabilizer with pre-heat and additional separation. The complex simulations performed for this project and the optimized design solutions were critical in establishing our now long-standing trust with this client.  Complete engineering from Pre-FEED to final design, including all discipline engineering scope and in house designing.

Sour Oil Battery-Progress Area NW Alberta.jpg

Sour Oil Battery: Progress Area NW 

Utilizing our previous design for the Wembley oil battery as a basis, Ascent’s client moved forward with a second facility to support their Montney development in another area.  Ascent modified the Wembley oil battery design as required to suit the specific process conditions and fast tracked the project from initial long lead equipment purchases to the start of construction within 3 months.

Blending Projects-A.jpg

Blending Projects

Various commodity blending projects within existing plants or as standalone green field facilities.  Offloading, storage, and fully automated blending of multiple products including butane, heavy oil, and/or high chloride oil with existing sales streams such as condensate and/or light sweet oil.

Wembley Pipestone Area Sour Gathering-Sales Pipeline System.jpg

Wembley Pipestone Area Sour
Gathering/Sales Pipeline System

The project involved installing approximately 12 km of 8” and 6” sour gathering and sales pipelines as well as frac water and fuel gas pipelines in populated farmland near Grande Prairie, AB in 2019. Gathering and sales system expansions were completed in 2022 including 10”, 8” and 6” pipelines.

Duvernay 02.JPG

Duvernay Multi-Well Pads

Ascent has designed greenfield well pad facilities and has been involved in brownfield expansions and MOC project work as well. Typical sour multi-well pad design was developed in conjunction with client’s engineering and operations personnel for their Duvernay play in the Fox Creek, AB area.  Well pad design includes sand separation, group and test separators, gas lift line heaters, flare system and on-site power generation.


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