We are proud of our accomplishments. Our business continues to grow, but our values and approach remain the same. We are excited about the future and would like to discuss how we can assist you with your upcoming projects. An outline of our project experience is summarized below:

Gas Processing

  • Process Design
  • Hydrocarbon control, dew point control, sweetening


  • Conventional oil, gas, water, sweet and sour
  • Source water applications
  • Single and multi-well pads
  • Satellite and meter systems
  • Specialized coating and joining methods
  • Environmentally sensitive areas


  • Conventional oil treating
  • Blending plants


  • Reciprocating – New installation, repurpose of existing units
  • Screw compression
  • Rotary compression

Enhanced Recovery

  • Water floods
  • Water disposal
  • Gas and CO2 injection

Power Generation

  • Turbine-specification selection
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Co-gen power plants


  • Strive to build strong relationships with local businesses and non-profit organizations

  • Embrace opportunities to support charitable endeavors in our community

  • Volunteer with passion in our community