We are proud of our accomplishments. Our business continues to grow, but our values and approach remain the same. We are excited about the future and would like to discuss how we can assist you with your upcoming projects. An outline of our project experience is summarized below:


  • Hydrocarbon, dew point control
  • Sweetening


  • Conventional oil, gas, water, sweet and sour
  • Wellsites & Wellpads
  • Satellite & Meter systems


  • Conventional oil treating
  • Oil Stabilization


  • Treatment Recovery and Disposal (TRD)
  • Full Service Terminals (FST)


  • Manage & deliver annual MOC programs


  • Greenfield and Brownfield oil blending Facilities & LACTs.


  • Reciprocating – New installation, repurpose of existing units
  • Screw compression
  • Rotary compression


Kaybob South Sour Gas Plant: Ascent provided EPCM services to a client for a new greenfield sour gas plant on a brownfield location.  The existing compressor station was maintained but segregated from the new sour gas plant facility near Fox Creek, Alberta in 2012/2014.  The facility was designed to process 150 MMSCFD of sour gas, 6445 bbl./d of natural gas liquids (NGL’s) and 2515 bbl./d of produced water.

Kaybob South Sour Gas Processing Facility: Ascent provided EPCM services to a client for a new greenfield compressor and gas processing facility near Fox Creek, Alberta in 2018/2019.  The facility was designed to process 220 MMSCFD of sour gas, 16,000 bbl./d of natural gas liquids (NGL’s) and 13,000 bbl./d of produced water.

Kakwa Sour Gas Plant: Brownfield expansion projects between 2018-2021 to increase capacity from 45 MMSCFD to 60 MMSCFD, introduced gas lift to the gathering system, and optimized performance of condensate stabilizer with pre-heat and additional separation.

Resthaven Sour Gas Processing Facility: Ascent provided EPCM services to a client for modifying liquid handling, storage, and process at an existing sour gas facility to accommodate large slugs associated with an expanded gathering pipeline system running through mountainous terrain.

Sour Oil Battery – Wembley/Pipestone Area: Grassroots sour oil battery processing multi-phase production for a new Montney land play.  The Battery, constructed in 2019/2020, is in a populated area near Grande Prairie, AB and has several unique features designed to minimize emissions and ensure the health and safety of site personnel and area residents.

Sour Oil Battery – Progress Area NW Alberta: Utilizing the design of the above Wembley oil battery as a basis, Ascent’s client moved forward with a second facility to support their Montney development in another area.  Ascent modified the Wembley oil battery design as required to suit the specific process conditions and fast tracked the project from initial long lead equipment purchases to start of construction within 3 months.  Subsequently, by Q4 2021, the project was reactivated with construction being completed in two stages – the inlet and gas processing components being completed in Q1/Q2 2022 and the liquid handling components being completed in Q1/Q2 2023.

Tony Creek Water Disposal Facility: Greenfield water disposal facility was constructed in 2018 and expanded in 2020.  The facility receives produced water via pipeline and truck and includes onsite storage and processing.  Water is injected into separate injection wells.

Slave Lake Area Oil Terminal and Pembina Heavy Oil LACT: Greenfield heavy oil blending terminal constructed in 2023.  The facility receives heavy oil via pipeline and truck in and includes onsite storage, condensate and butane blending and sales booster pumps.

Blending Projects: Various commodity blending projects within existing plants or as standalone green field facilities.  Offloading, storage, and fully automated blending of multiple products including butane, heavy oil, and/or high chloride oil with existing sales streams such as condensate and/or light sweet oil. Designated process streams, flow control valves, and blend pumps to blend, mix, and measure blended sales product to maintain sales specification using in line Coriolis meters and real time sulfur analyzer.

Montney – Multi-Well Pads: Typical gathering system expansion projects consisting of sour greenfield well pads and brownfield well additions.  Well pad design includes inlet separator packages, gas lift line heater, and high pressure/low pressure flare stacks.  Pads have on site storage for produced water which is pumped to pipeline.

Duvernay – Multi-Well Pads: Typical sour multi-well pad design was developed in conjunction with client’s engineering and operations personnel for their Duvernay play in the Fox Creek, AB area.  Well pad design includes sand separation, group and test separators, gas lift line heaters, flare system and on-site power generation.

Wembley Pipestone Area Sour Gathering/Sales Pipeline System: The project involved installing approximately 12 km of 8” and 6” sour gathering and sales pipelines as well as frac water and fuel gas pipelines in populated farmland near Grande Prairie, AB in 2019.  Gathering and sales system expansions were completed in 2022 including 10”, 8” and 6” pipelines.

Annual MOC Program and Shutdown Support: Ascent manages and delivers annual MOC programs and shutdown support for various clients. These programs include the full spectrum of EPC and can include small capital projects.


  • Strive to build strong relationships with local businesses and non-profit organizations
  • Embrace opportunities to support charitable endeavors in our community
  • Volunteer with passion in our community