Project Management

Ascent Consulting Ltd. believes that all projects, from site specific MOC’s and small single discipline jobs, to multi-disciplinary projects, require some written scope definition in whichever format is appropriate. Project scope gives insight into the big picture and should drive the Design Basis Memorandum (DBM) format, not the reverse as is common in many EPCM companies.

Ascent recognizes the importance of financial accountability and rigorous cost control. We’ve developed a proprietary in-house system, which, rather than starting from scratch on each project, allows Ascent to look at similar projects and utilize various templates to keep costs down. Ascent can integrate client cost control account codes within its program to allow up-to-date cost reporting to help our clients make informed decisions throughout the entire process.

Criticism of the EPCM industry revolves around missed opportunities for getting production underway as soon as possible, making realistic scheduling a high priority. Ascent’s differentiated approach allows us to treat critical path items with high priority and separately from routine items, while still maintaining competitive momentum on all our projects.

  • Resource management
  • Schedule/Tracking
  • Document management
  • Document tracking
  • Document archiving
  • Client/Vendor Document Coordination


  • Right people, Right role. Careful consideration for FIT; Flexible-Integrity-Transparent

  • Partnering and Mentoring

  • Organizational belief that teamwork drives success

  • Ideas count. Empowered to explore new concepts