Our Leadership Team

Ascent’s leadership team consists of industry experts with first-hand knowledge and experience across a wide range of disciplines.

Bill Alston, P.L.(Eng.) President and Founder

With 30+ years experience and through his detailed understanding of the oil & gas industry, Bills’ depth of knowledge has guided Ascent through a significant period of growth and evolution. Bill’s vision and stewardship has positioned Ascent as one of the leading engineering firms in Western Canada and through his leadership, Ascent continues to progress our ability to execute on behalf of our clients.

Bob Pavan, P.Eng,Engineering Manager

Bob has extensive project management experience and has held EPCM technical and managerial positions serving the oil and gas industry over the past 30+ years. He has worked in domestic and international markets and has provided in-house development and support engineering to clients in Canada and Argentina. Bob has been responsible for overseeing a wide range of projects including well site facilities, oil and gas pipeline systems, compressor stations, sweet & sour gas plants, oil treating facilities, and oilfield waste management facilities. His depth of knowledge and broad range of experience are pivotal components of his ability to effectively manage project teams.

Brittney Gosling – Corporate Coordinator/Human Resources Manager

Brittney joined Ascent in 2014 as Ascent’s Office Manager, maintaining Ascent’s building operations and events. Since then, Brittney has taken on multiple roles including Corporate Coordinator and Human Resources Manager where she oversees the execution of Ascent’s HR and Recruitment, Facilities operation, and HSE coordination including maintaining Ascent’s COR status. As Ascent’s Lead Recruiter, Brittney is always looking to on-board new candidates who would be a good fit within the Ascent family. She is passionate about building a great corporate culture and believes that engaging with employees, asking questions, and adapting to feedback is the “Ascent Way” to success.